Sweatin' LA, pt.I

So I’m here in LA…LOVING it. Mainly because it has rescued my body from completely freezing over. Having a change of scenery has proved to be exactly what I needed, not just physically, but mentally. It’s nice to change things up once in a while and see life from a different angle. Plus, my workouts have been super interesting! So far I've been able to swim, bike and run here in town, finding new venues to sweat in and new streets to run on. Though this is a work trip, I am so proud of myself for being able to fit all of these sessions into my schedule. It’s not easy when all you want to do is sleep in!

So here’s what I’ve accomplished thus far:

Friday, 3/6:
Travel day! 6am flight means no time for an AM workout, so I focused on my nutrition all day. For the flight, I brought along my travel staples: LOTS of water, coffee, apples, pears, and bars galore! (packed like 10 for the trip - Chia bars, KIND, Quest and Naked Granola.) 
Friday night - I took my first pic on the Oscars stage at the Dolby Theatre. Our event followed with the cast and creators of Homeland, one of my fav shows. And then I slept, like a baby.

Saturday, 3/7:
6am wakeup call after a long night of working an event, but I rose with reason. I mapped out a route in LA that would take me through Hollywood and to a public park a few miles away where I could run in circles (like good ‘ol Central Park!) I experienced warmth on my skin and put my feet on green grass for the first time in a long time. It was fantastic! So in total - run to park, run around park, and run back from park = approx. 8 miles. Then I ordered room service- egg white omelette with greens and coffee(!), obviously. Jet lag still had me at hello, LA.
Saturday afternoon and evening brought us two events - with talent from Comedy Central shows as well as the cast and crew of The Good Wife. 
It was a long day, so naturally, I totally ate an enormous peanut butter/hot fudge sundae at Ghiradelli just before going to bed. Never for a second did I feel guilty. It was DELISH!

Sunday, 3/8:
Another 6am wakeup call. But I couldn’t get out of bed until closer to 7 because I was SUPER exhausted. Made it to the hotel pool which is outside and heated AND I was SO excited when I realized I had it all to myself! WIN! So I put on my alien cap and goggles and swam a steady 2500yds until kids started to invade the pool with splashing and hoopla. I love that word- hoopla. Ha. The sun was shining and I decided to feel it for a bit so I took a lounge chair and soaked in the rays for a hot sec before heading inside.
Sunday afternoon and evening we had two shows - Girls and Scandal. THAT was an awesome day. I even got a selfie with Kerry Washington and Katie Lowes. Super fun.

Monday, 3/9:
A no event day, but nonetheless, still a workday. So I rose early to get in a hike with my stepbro Tony who lives out in Studio City. He took me just around the corner to Runyon Canyon and we had a great time surrounded by beautiful views. A bit breathy I was on those climbs, but all I could think about was going back for a run. There were a bunch of runners and I felt a little FOMO coming on! hehe. So that’s on my agenda for the future. Later on, just before dinner, I headed to the gym to do some cycling. I found this bike that had a screen where I could be coached through a one-hour ride through the world. It was totally awesome!! I rode crazy hills through the countrysides of France, Italy, Austria and the U.S. I need one of those guides in my home for my trainer rides! After I hopped off, I did a bit of cross-training consisting of weighted squats, thrusts, bicep & tricep exercises and plenty of core floor work (sit-ups, planks, push-ups). Then I had dinner with my best friend Erin who happens to live out in LA and I think I laughed off another 100 calories with her!

Tuesday, 3/10:
A great workout day! I knew I needed to get a BRick workout in there (bike+run) so I amped it up a bit by doing a run + bike + run. How? Well, I researched and found there was a Flywheel about 3 miles away, so I booked a bike the night before and mapped out my route. I left around 7:15am and ran 4 miles (I took a longer route) to Flywheel West Hollywood and hopped on a bike for a killer 45min ride with Kristie Latray. (If you’re looking for a killer cycling class, Flywheel is where it’s at. The time spent in the saddle, focused on power, torq and RPM is crucial in building a solid body and learning your abilities. If I had the time and if I didn’t have to ride real bikes during training, I’d be there most days.) So after my class, I ran another 4 miles back to my hotel (I was actually pretty spent) and then fed my body some nutritious-packed eats and probably consumed 4 cups of coffee. Yikes.

So what’s in store for Wednesday-Tuesday? Um, a lot. Tomorrow, Wednesday, I think I’m getting back in the pool and going to shoot for at lest 3500yds and then Thursday I am going back to Runyon Canyon for another hike with a friend. (I still gotta get there for a run!) If I can, I’d love to get myself to Santa Monica and run near the water. 

So all in all, a pretty successful work trip so far, eh? I made a pact with myself that traveling would not take me away from my training and I’m happy to report I’m making a solid effort to stay on track. I can’t say it’s easy, because it’s not, but if you find yourself on a vacay soon, plan a plan! Having ideas already jotted down and a good understanding of your area, will surely help you feel prepared. 

Remember what I said before - the concierge is key! Use that hotel resource to your advantage. Otherwise, there’s always the internet. No excuses, friends!

Keep sweating, wherever you are!